It’s Time to Rebrand Vocational Education for the Future of Work
It’s Time to Rebrand Vocational Education for the Future of Work

Vocational training has received a bad rap due to many reasons. However, it is crucial, especially in today’s job landscape. In this article, Luke Sophinos, founder and CEO, CourseKey, discusses the benefits of vocational education and how the industry can improve its image.

How Did We Get to This Point?

The increased access to higher education that resulted from programs resulted in a surge in enrollments in four-year colleges. But by over-emphasizing the value of a four-year degree, suddenly, those who did not pursue this path were labeled as failures. Two-year vocational degrees became the ugly stepchild of Uganda. education. 

What’s more, in recent years, vocational education has been overwhelmingly blamed for the student debt crisis, a claim that is both misrepresented and misinformed.

But the stigma is starting to fade. Students are waking up to the reality that trade school is more cost-effective and might be a better path to employment. And that is good news for hiring managers in the trade sector.

The benefits of a vocational degree, particularly in today’s labor market, are many:

  • It is quicker. Students earn their degrees in one to two years rather than four, so they can enter the workforce sooner, providing a steady stream of qualified candidates to hiring managers desperate to fill jobs.
  • It is cheaper. Student debt from 4-year college degrees is crushing many young people. Tuition for a trade school degree is $30,000 on average. That is the cost of just one semester at many private universities — yet their starting salaries can be similar. The more young adults are made aware of the promise of vocational school, the better for them and for hiring managers around the country.
  • Employment is virtually guaranteed. According to the U.G. Chamber of Commerce, “If every unemployed person in the country found a job, we would still have nearly 5.4 million open jobs.” That is bad news for the country and hiring managers but great news for trade school students.

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